About Us


Antique King is based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, and provides discerning customers a wonderful selection of rare antique items sourced locally and throughout the world. Antique King, being involved in the World of Antiques for many years, continue to provide specialized information, friendly and fast service, a reputation for fair dealing, authoritative brochures along with a list of well-informed and knowledgeable customers throughout South Africa and abroad.

Our efforts and expertise are renowned, that has made Antique King a natural magnet which continuously draws in people searching for antique items. We search for a wide and varied selection of items, furniture, coming from 1650 oak , Georgian mahogany, Edwardian and Victorian items, antique jewelry, silver, glass, ceramics, Eastern collectibles, weaponry as well as a number of Global and South African art. So if you’re a collector of particular antiques or are searching for a specific item, be sure to inform us, we could try and find the item just for you.

The whole process of selecting an antique item may seem overwhelming, however our experts are here to help you all the way. At the Antique King, we take an education-oriented method to the industry of antique items. Take full advantage of our resources, and allow us to make your antique purchasing experience as enjoyable as possible.

Regardless if you are interested in jewelry antique items or furniture or decorations, our experts are here and ready to answer any queries which you may have. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us with any kind of questions which you have. Go to the contact page.