How You Can Find The Best Antique Shop In Knysna

When people travel to South Africa, they often want to do more than see the sights. A lot of people want to find something special that they can bring home for them.

Thankfully, there are a number of interesting shops in South Africa. This is particularly true if you are going to be in Knysna or any of the surrounding areas. This city is known for housing a variety of antique shops.


The antiques that are found in these shops are very different from the antiques you might see in stores at home. If you buy something from the right shop, you will be taking home a beautiful piece of African history.

Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that the shop you select is the right one. Keep these things in mind as you work to plan your trip.

Research Shops In Advance

Try to find out shops in the area before you leave for your trip. It’ll be easier for you to conduct research while you are still at home.

Spend some time reading about the numerous shops that are in the area. Talk to people that have traveled to that part of South Africa before. See if they have stopped by the shops in the area. Find out if there is a particular place that they would recommend.

If you learn more about the shops in Knysna, it will be easier for you find a place that you would like to visit.

Talk To Your Hotel Concierge

If you are already in South Africa, you should still be able to find great antique shops. As a matter of fact, you may be able to get a recommendation from the concierge that is working at your hotel.

A hotel concierge is aware of many local businesses and restaurants. It is their job to help hotel guests find the kinds of things they are looking for. If there is a quality antique shop near your hotel, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Try Shopping At Knysna Markets

Although there are a number of established shops in the city of Knysna, they aren’t the only place to buy antiques. You can also find antiques when shopping at the local markets.

If you’re not looking for something specific, shopping at markets may be your best option. You will be able to look at a variety of different products.


The Knysna markets can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are not used to shopping at street markets. With that said, they can also be very entertaining. If you want a specific item, your best bet is to head to the shop. If you simply want to bring home something special, going to the street markets is a great idea.

Browse Numerous Antique Shops

You can check out an antique shop without making a purchase. If you don’t know where you want to go, you should try browsing several antique shops.

While you are at the shops, you should try talking to the shop owner. Explain what you want, and see if they can help you find it.


The best antique shops can connect customers with the kind of items that they want. See if you can find a shop that could do that for you.

Are you looking for an antique shop in Knysna? If so, you should start your search right away. The sooner you start looking at antique shops, the easier it will be for you to find the kind of shop that you’d like to make a purchase from.


Best Antique Shops in South Africa

If you enjoy accumulating ancient items, then you could discover these things at antique dealers. They’ve got antique clocks, pieces of furniture, light fixtures, display cabinets and much more. Antiques are usually collected because of their value and price. Generally, they are determined by what time frame they are from, which is basically, at least, a hundred years old.

There are lots of benefits to purchasing antiques coming from a dealer instead of at an auction. There isn’t any pressure for you to make up your mind immediately concerning how much you’re prepared to spend, which you might need to do inside the heated atmosphere of the auction. Additionally, you will know precisely just how much you’ll pay for that item – you don’t have to bother with adding the auction house premium into the value quoted. An Antique Dealership is definitely an incredible spot to visit since you can discover lots of old stuff which you may have simply heard of.

Here are some of the best Antique Shops in South Africa:

1. Pieter Oosthuizen Antiques & Interiors


This shop began being a small one-man antique shop around Sunnyside, Pretoria, 32 years back. And now it has expanded into one of the top antique shops around South Africa, investing on 900 square meters in a new store in Hillcrest, Pretoria. The new store is a not-to-be-missed experience which pleasures the senses and even provides a complimentary coffee bar along with seats beneath a stunning area from the courtyard.

They provide numerous antique items. Apart from antiques, they likewise have an impressive number of South African art made by the finest artists the nation has produced.

2. Antiques and Bygones


Antiques and Bygones started in 1949 and it is the oldest antique company around Kwa-Zulu Natal. It joined up with the South African Antique Dealers Association since 1968 and Nick (the owner) is actually a Previous Chairman of the association.

Antiques & Bygones has a broad and diverse selection of supply, coming from 1650 oak , Victorian and Edwardian items, Georgian mahogany, antique and Contemporary Hallmarked silver, precious jewellery, glass, ceramics, Eastern collectables, tools as well as a collection of International and South African artwork.

3. Barter Buy Antiques


Barter Buy Antiques has been around for twenty-three years. The store began as among the smallest, and it is now one of the largest antique shops in Africa. Now they have more than four thousand pieces of stock. They specialise in Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco as well as Art Nouveau furniture. They also have a variety of smaller sized antique items like kettles and copper pots, tea sets, decanters as well as crystal cups. Their antique furniture is in wonderful functional condition.

4. Clyde on 4th


Clyde on 4th is really a special antiques and collectibles store. The proprietor possesses a desire for spectacular Georgian, Art-Deco, Art Nouveau and items coming from the 50’s. By having an amazing collection in the store as well as an open heart to assisting other collectors discover what they’re searching for, it is a vintage chance to not be missed. Clyde on 4th is recognized to help eager collectors in locating missing items from their collections, along with expert consultancy on these things.

5. The Old Corkscrew


The Old Corkscrew is situated within Franschhoek, South Africa. This beautiful city that is set on the Winelands of the Western Cape is really a comfy 50-minute drive coming from Cape Town. Franschhoek termed as the ’Food and Wine Capital’ of South Africa, features over 35 restaurants, several of these are situated on the best-rated wine farms.

Opened up in 1994 this particular shop is among the top antique dealerships in the nation. This specialises in remarkable items coating silver, ornamental arts as well as the unique. A strong focus on wine-related antiques, such as Africa’s biggest variety of antique corkscrews has guaranteed it’s a firm favourite both with local and international guests.