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Visit These Top Five Cape Town Antique Shops While In Africa

Antique shops are so much fun to visit. You just never know what you’re going to find there. Much of the time, you might be paying what something is worth, but you might even find a rare gem at a discount. Exploring local antique shops is one thing, but it can be even more fun to discover the best antique shops in a place where you’re unfamiliar with the territory. Are you from Cape Town? Just imagine what you might find at the top five Cape Town antique shops in Africa.

What is your favourite type of item? Maybe you are into antique furniture. I’m into anything baseball and anything else unique that catches my eye. I guess you could say I have an eclectic taste for antiques. Most everyone does, but you might also have certain things you’re looking for. When you’re in a place like Cape Town, you never know what you’re going to find. You’re going to discover all kinds of unique items, and now you’re going to find out about some places you want to check out.


One of the best antique shops in Cape Town is Kalk Bay Trading Post. Galleria Fortunata is another one. Are you going to be able to visit more than one? If you’re antiquing in Cape Town, you’re likely going to want to visit as many of them as you can. That means you’re going to need to know where they are located in relation to where you’re staying. The Kalk Bay Trading Post is on the Main Road in Western Cape.


As you find out where these great antique shops are located, you can plan your route and which ones to visit fist. The Antique Market is the third antique shop mentioned for you in this article, and you know you’re going to at least be privy to the top five. Then there is David Porter Antiques, and this one is located on Dreyer Street, also in Western Cape.


You should be able to get to the top five and more easily enough if you’re going to dedicate some time to antiquing. The 5th Cape Town antique shop you need to visit is Lutge Gallery, but you didn’t think I was going to leave you with just the top five, did you? I’ll give you a few more to go on so that you’re really able to bring some great antiques back home.


Jewel Tree is another great shop, and then there is also The Cook’s Room and Tim Curtis Antiques. See how spread out some of these shops are so that you don’t run yourself ragged back and forth all over the place.

If you are looking for antique lighting to match the feel of your antique furniture then consider visiting Hoi Ploy. Although not an antique shop they have some amazing styles of lighting including antique styled light-bulbs, chandeliers and various wall light options.

And remember, you might want to go to the top five first and then work your way down from there. Some of these shops are going to be better than others, which means they have more antiques and better antiques to offer you. Are you getting excited? Hopefully, you end up with all kinds of great things to show your antiquing friends.